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PostSubject: Grandmasterphil   Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:21 am

Heya girls ( and boys )

My koc-name's grandmasterphil and I'm going to be the leader of the Orc-Elf kingdom next age.

Personally I'm going to play as an Elf, but there is no need to worry my Orcen officers; I understand the Orc style of playing very well as I've been an Orc in age 5, 7 and beta.

I've actually been playing koc since the end of age 1, but age 2 was my first real age (ranked 9000).

Further I played in age 3 beta (ranked 800), age 5 (ranked 2000), age 7 (just for fun to help a friend Smile) and age 8 beta first half of it (got to rank 400, then sold of to our admin, Thanh, and started sabbing some old enemies). You can call me quite experienced, I've seen a lot and like to tell others about the things I have experienced.

For age 8, you can expect me to play more calmy; TFK will be neutral (like Switzerland). We are an independent alliance, not under any of big alliances and won't get in trouble due to the wars of the other alliances.

My account will be able to defend itself and all of the members of TFK against the bad sabbers out there, but we will never start a war ourselves.

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