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 Application for TFK for grandmasterphil APPROVED

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PostSubject: Application for TFK for grandmasterphil APPROVED   Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:03 pm

- KoC name: Grandmasterphil
- KoC stat link: currently inactive
- Reasons for joining (wont alter decision, just interesting to find out): Following my buddies Thanh and Matt into the chaos of age 8, having fun, making chicks join our clan...
- How you found out about TFK: Thanh, Matt told me about it.
- A little background on you as a player. Age 1, human noob;

Age 2 human, semi-noob ranked +- 10000 one of the first members of TSH, Wewillrockyou and Stalker were still around;member of The Brotherhood then lead by TheWolf, starting to get grip on the game ( a little )

Age 3 beta, new account together with a dutch player these days everybody banked.., account named "Dominator_Over_All_Chaos". Joined under Diversion, got 50 clicks a day, which was a lot in those days when you had to copy paste all your recruitlinks during clicking. Got till rank 300 or so, then Diversion quited, so did the free clicks, we got farmed > quited.
Age 5 grandmasterphil made a comeback, became an orc. Joined under Angels_Holocaust, became a member of The Valheru. Had a nice time, was voted moderator, obtained a decent rank (2000 or so) for the first time. Then I temporarly quited,> exams<. When I came back, the alliance had fallen apart due to the wars we had gotten in, being in chain with FF. The remaining part of the Valheru merged with a large and anonymous clan.

Age 7 I had a funaccount, joined under a friend called Jozefine 'just for the hell of it'Smile

Age 8 beta I took my chance as soon as > one week too late still Wink < I noticed a new beta had started ( good memories about the last one I had been in). Became an orc again, chilling and attacking every now and then. Soon ( like day 3) I noticed something important had changed since the last time I had been truly active... I got like 10 recruitingmessages a day! I read all of them, noticed most were just crap,explaining people how to join someone, making unrealistic promises. I guess most of those 'commanders in spe' thought all of us out there were big noobs. But one of the recruitingmessages was different... A certain Dwarfking_ sent me a serious, respectful message. His guaranties were realistic, his messages made me trust him. I decided to join him, and join the alliance he was in > TUE< Till this day I haven't regret it, this has been my most pleasant kocperiod since I first 'discovered' the game at the end of age 1.
I won't tell all the details about the past age 8 beta as that's too recently to revail:).
To conclude my boring story (I hope people who read it till this point haven't fallen asleep so far:) ), I met Matt's prime-officer Thanh who has a rich kochistory himself> just ask him about it. We became good friends too, and they told me about their ambitious project for next age. Of course I was enthousiastic...
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PostSubject: Re: Application for TFK for grandmasterphil APPROVED   Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:21 pm

Welcome, you are Officialy now a member of The Forgotten Kings!

grandmasterphil joined me in Age 8 Beta, out of the many recruitment messages this great player had, he chose me Very Happy I felt privaledged, and quickly introduced him to Thanh because Thanh and I were already thinking about making our alliance and Philip appeared to be a nice, genuine guy! The perfect time for a leader.

When he joined, I spent hours finding gold hits for him! He rose quickly in the ranks, but is unfortunately unactive at the moment Sad

But when he comes back to The Forgotten Kings in Age 8 he will be one of the leaders, and I am confident he will do a great job!


Simply... yeah
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Application for TFK for grandmasterphil APPROVED
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