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PostSubject: Don-Malaya   Sat Sep 29, 2007 8:28 pm

Hello my friends, guests...and enemies,

My name is Vash and my KoC name is Don-Malaya. I'm going to be the leader of the Human Kingdom for Age 8. I'll human for sure but as for my officers, they can choose what they want to be. Any races can join me.

As for my experienced, I've been playing KoC since Age 2 under Lord Striker, Striker Clan. Those old players will be very, very familiar with this name. But I started to play a little bit more serious and active since Age 5, where I started using this name. I don't really noted my rank in my previous ages.

I'll be more active in this age since I'm one of a leader in TFK. My style of playing will be RETAILIATION. I prefer a peace and fun game, and I won't start any war with anybody. But I won't stay put if others started it first. TFK is an independent clan, didn't stand under any other big clans. This is our 1st age. So we don't really have to worry so much about sudden-war occured.

I'll be directly involved in any activities by TFK. Also will put my best to help my officers or any other family members in TFK alongway Age 8.

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