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 Demon-Lord-Baldur (age 8 name is going to be Zeus)

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PostSubject: Demon-Lord-Baldur (age 8 name is going to be Zeus)   Thu Sep 20, 2007 9:58 pm

Hello everyone.

My name is Thanh and I'm going to be playing the Link account. I'm only the link, Matt and Philip have equal power as myself, but instead of the word link I perfer to use the word God king hehe Very Happy

However, I've been playing KoC since age 1.
I found this game by complete accident, just browsing around and suddenly found it. Pretty amazing actually Very Happy

Anyway, as the God/link account, I will be Human, so join me if you're human. Then the leading human of you guys will be crowned as prince..under me. Then every other human will join under him Wink

I call that a little test for the new TFK members:D

Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to age 8 starting!

Let's fight as a team and win as a team!

The Forgotten Kings are made of a group of people that went through hard work to create a foundation of friends. We all are gathered here to become friends and our goal is to reach the top!

~Long live the Kings and their loyal officers!~

§The age of chaos belongs to us!§
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Demon-Lord-Baldur (age 8 name is going to be Zeus)
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