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PostSubject: Dwarfking_   Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:48 pm

Hey there, I am Dwarfking_ obviously.

I will be the leader of the Dwarf and Undead Kingdom.

I've been playing Kings Of Chaos for quite a while, my older brother Staurt showed it to me, and taught me the basics. Unfortunately he doesn't play anymore.

I've grown a lot since then, and learnt a lot more about the game. You can see this from my stats below.

In the Beta age I am around rank 100 even though I did a 365million gold sell off to a good friend of mine.

I don't know why, but I always wanted to be Dwarf, and have my own army of dwarves :p and now it finally coming true - except with undead players too.

I found that when ever you are sorting out conflicts, the best way is Diplomacy. To talk to the person, and understand both sides so you can come to an agreement and stop the conflict quickly and with the least damage to myself.

So I hope you have fun in TFK, when you become a member on here you can read another introduction about myself and other members.

I've just put together my stats from 3 different ages

I found my age 6 stats, so here they are:

Age 6
Strike Action 185,844,384 Ranked #4,196
Defense Action 187,663,000 Ranked #2,493
Spy Rating 362,188,800 Ranked #1,514
Sentry Rating 126,580,736 #2,899

Fortifications Palace
Seige Technology Greek Fire
Total Fighting Force 1,216 Dwarves

RANK 1,641

Age 7
Strike Action 1,190,076,233 Ranked #1,164
Defensive Action 1,575,009,695 Ranked #477
Spy Rating 560,844,800 Ranked #1,558
Sentry Rating 446,668,800 Ranked #1,282

Fortification Hand Of God
Siege Technology Cannons
Spies 52,700
Sentries 52,700
Total Fighting Force 8,332

RANK 839

Age 8 Beta
Strike Action 105,007,910 Ranked #175
Defensive Action 91,875,255 Ranked #98
Spy Rating 176,651,366 Ranked #139
Sentry Rating 78,824,448 Ranked #162

Fortification Fortress
Siege Technology Sappers
Spies 21,481
Sentries 21,481
Total Fighting Force 882


So as you see, I keep getting stronger, and hopefully will do the same again in the Real Age 8, as I will have the support of TFK!


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