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 Our Unique Chain Structure

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PostSubject: Our Unique Chain Structure   Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:37 pm

At the start of age 8 there will be 3 kingdoms.
Two of the kingdoms will have two races, and the 3rd will be of mixed races.

The reason for this is that it is only our 1st age so I don't believe we will be able to have enough members to start with to make 4 kingdoms.
Of course it is possible that like after a month when TFK will have become a great hit, more kingdoms will be created. This means we might need 2 more kings in the nearby future.

So the Kingdoms are now:

Dwarf and Undead: Leader is Dwarfking_ (played by Matt)
Elf and Orc: Leader is grandmasterphil (played by Philip)
Human (mixed): Leader is Don-Malaya (played by Vash)

This 3rd kingdom of which the top account will be Human, is for people of mixed races, e.g. dwarf officers with human officers

However, this does not mean Dwarf + Undead go under this, because they already have a kingdom. Same with Elf + Orc.

All the Kings will have the same commander (God, played by Thanh).
Although Thanh is the "top account" he does not have any more power than the Kings, he just connects them.

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Our Unique Chain Structure
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