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 How it all began

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PostSubject: How it all began   Tue Sep 18, 2007 11:34 pm

I tried setting up my own all dwarf alliance back in age 6, but was unable to convince people to join me.

That was until Roha found me, and I joined him in The Dwarven Kingdom (TDK). This was the most success full all-dwarf alliance! I was proud to help Roha is making it work - It was every dwarfs dream :P
I have stayed with him as TDK changed to The United Empires, now a mighty and famous alliance.

Well I was happy there, but time has moved on and I really wanted to start my own alliance again.

This time I will be successful, I have Thanh by my side who is also motivated to create an alliance.

Together we set up The Forgotten Kings. He made a start on the forum, and then I added lots more to the forum, (you can see because i am the author of most topics :P)

Then I found grandmasterphil, he joined and I knew that he was a nice guy since the first time I spoke to him. So I suggested to Thanh that he became a leader, even though we hadn't known him long. I trusted him when I spoke to him, and now he is a leader.

He's been made a moderator on the forum and can edit/delete/add posts, all the good things Smile so you can thank him for some of the changes that have been introduced on our forum, and also let him know if you have any problems.

I have found some great friend in KoC, and hopefully with TFK we will find more, and become strong, but also have fun!


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How it all began
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