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PostSubject: ETF   Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:33 pm

- Name of alliance:
Elven Task Force

- Top account name:

- Current enemies:
no need one now

- Current allies
TUE (lead by great Rohalover)

Out of chain allies:


- If there is wars (on-going or ended):

- How far will you go to help us:
Depends: if you guys were hit without a reason and diplomatic ways fail than we will suport you.

- Your plans for future ages:
To have a pure sab account in top 300.

- A link to your alliances forum:

- A little background on your alliance:

Actually we are the elven empire of TUE so we are a young, united clan inside TUE. We have a co-leader, Jank, who is one of the most experienced players in koc and a great friend. ETF doesn't take any steps without his blessing. We applied here because of dwarfking who is a very good warior and a very good friend..even though he plays as dwarf he has a big heart

- A little background on yourself:

I started playing KoC in the beginning of age 6, I was recruited by Lukash to TUE and here I am. I`m very happy with my friends and I think we have the best alliance in KOC.

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PostSubject: Re: ETF   Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:44 pm

Thank you Freija.

Although they may be part of TUE, they are still a mighty alliance and i'm sure they could stand strong alone!

I've met Freija in Age 7 through TUE. She is a very experienced player, but that's not why we love her. She has the biggest heart and will always do what she can to help other people. She helped me in finding hits with her amazing spy, without her I don't think I would be as strong as I am.

The same rules apply with TUE, I will always help you whenever you need it, you don't even need to ask.

Sorry I couldn't write as much about you as I could Roha and TUE, Roha's post was a LOT longer lol, he babbles on at times... Very Happy But it is all still true.


Simply... yeah
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PostSubject: Re: ETF   Thu Sep 06, 2007 10:46 pm

thx so much for you kind words my friend and for the honour you made us to be accept as allies!

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PostSubject: Re: ETF   Tue Sep 18, 2007 10:58 pm

Dear ETF,
Welcome as our allies. I'm sure we will have a fertile and professional co÷poration.
Keep up the good work as an elite force of elven warriors.
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PostSubject: Re: ETF   

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