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 The United Empires ^^

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PostSubject: The United Empires ^^   Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:03 pm

- Name of alliance:
The United Empires

- Top account name:

- Current enemies:
Hey we're nice people Rolling Eyes

- Current allies
In-chain allies:

* Elven Task Force (led by Freia)
* Carnage Alliance (led by santa87)

Out of chain allies:

* Valcrew (led by The_Warlord)
* Knights of Heaven (led by SMP_)
* ShadowLites (led by Twiztidlotus)

- If there is wars (on-going or ended):
Our last war dates from 5 months ago tongue

- How far will you go to help us:
Matt (Dwarfking_) has been my most loyal officer in my entire KoC career, so WHENEVER he and/or his alliance needs ANYTHING (clicks, growth, help with finding gold hits, battlefield help, help with fighting wars or solving wars, diplomatic talkings with people, help with sharing our knowledge, just ANYTHING tongue), we are here for EVERY SINGLE TFK member Very Happy

- Your plans for future ages:
As TFK are in-chain with TUE, the TFK members have as much power on TUE forums as the normal TUE members, so you can view ALL our plans we're making on the TUE forums and at the same time share your own vote about them (but we need to keep them in TUE forums tongue).

- A link to your alliances forum:

- A little background on your alliance:

Although this is an alliance entering KoC in age 7, its origin found place back then in age 6 where it had the name "The Dwarven Kingdom".

It was the most unique alliance of age 6: a 100% Dwarven alliance with over 250 members (and both Matt and Thanh will definitely remember that Very Happy).

Actually, it was Matt as one of my first officers ever who was the first person to recruit our first top 1,000 member into TDK, and that person was Thanh tongue

In KoC history, MANY tried to reach a 100% alliance of the same race before, even more failed, but we were one of the very few ones who actually succeeded, and as we already reached the almost impossible, which for many seemed THE impossible thing last age, we expanded our alliance purposes in age 7 due to the success of The Dwarven Kingdom, so here follows the main idea of TUE where we will be writing even more KoC history with Wink

There are 4 Empires, each Empire represents its race, and the leaders for age 8 of every Empire are:

* Freija_Elven_Goddess as the leader of "Elven Task Force (ETF)" as our Elven Empire
* TheDon187sks as the leader of our Human Empire
* Smell_My_Fart as the leader of our Orcen Empire
* Magical-Trevor as the leader of our Dwarven Empire

And above that, there will be a "mixed-races alliance" which can contain all the races led by Corey Wink

This chain structure has NEVER been accomplished by KoC before, but believe me, this isn't the thing that makes us so unique, what makes us so great are the TUE members themself who are AWESOME (including everyone in TFK too, because you all are regarded as part of TUE Very Happy)

- A little background on yourself:

I started playing KoC in the beginning of age 6, I was getting many recruiting messages, but I saw that there weren't any "100% of the same race alliances" out there, so I thought, why not start such an alliance yourself? tongue

I was gaining a lot of KoC knowledge in a high speed (by mainly going to IRC getting to know the other KoC players and by recruiting people who also shared their knowledge with me), I was sending out tons of messages, and in the end, I sold off whole my account to the TDK members Very Happy

In age 7, the TUE dream was to reach top 50, and due to the hard work of WHOLE TUE (recruiting, clicking, giving sell-offs etc.), TUE now has a top 40 place in age 7 Very Happy

Anyways, sorry for talking so much about TUE, but what do you expect, your leaders Matt and Thanh are part of it as well Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

Sincerely yours and hopefully awaiting a place in your allies list Very Happy,

RoHaLoVeR ~ The United Empires

~ All for One and One for All ~
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PostSubject: Re: The United Empires ^^   Thu Sep 06, 2007 9:50 pm

[I don't think i'll be able to write as much as you, but i'll write what comes to my mind]
Thank you for your words Roha, every single one... all of them (and there was lots).

You are now Officially Allies with The Forgotten Kings! Hopefully we will be able to help you, and you will definitely be able to help us.

I was so glad I found you in Age 6, I had tried starting an alliance, but it failed..horribly lol. When i recieved your message, I already had a commander who seemed nice. I ditched him at once and joined you. You was instantly much nicer than he was :p and you helped me with recruiting and finding hits, even gave me large sell offs (50mill, seemed HUGE back then).

So as soon as I joined, I knew I had to try my hardest as I had never seen an alliance like this (otherwise I would be a member :p) and it needed its members to put everything they could into it.

That's where I found Thanh, who I am now starting an alliance with. And as you read from Roha, Thanh was the strongest member in TUE when he joined, and chose me as his commander Smile

Now I have The Forgotten Kings, I will put as much effort into this as I did to The Dwarven Kingdom in Age 6, and much much more! Hopefully you will all do the same, and one day we will become as mighty as The United Empires!

A few last words,
We may not be able to offer you much yet, but If TUE needs help in wars (because they do happen, remember BSS or the one in Age 6 :p) or with anything else - within reason lol - then I am sure TFK will do everything they can to assist you.

Just know, we may be small, but we will still fight to protect our friends!

Simply... yeah
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The United Empires ^^
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