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 How to become our allies

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PostSubject: How to become our allies   Wed Aug 29, 2007 1:13 am

Dear representants of clans of koc,

If you lead an alliance of your own / represent an alliance, big or small, and would like to become allies with The Forgotten Kings, then let us most certainly know.

To become allies, you need to make an Application.

This application should be titled Allies Application for TFK with [name of alliance]
It will need to contain the following information:

- Name of alliance
- Top account's (of your alliance's mighty chain) name
- Current allies
- Current enemies
- If there are any wars (on-going or ended)
- How far will you go to help us, i.e. (to what extent would you like our allianceship to
- Your plans for future ages
- A link to your lovely alliances forum
- A little background on your alliance
- A little background on yourself

I would like you to post your application as a new topic with the title as mentioned above. Please post this under the Allies Application section.

TFK thanks you

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How to become our allies
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