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 Application for Dwarfking_ APPROVED (only

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PostSubject: Application for Dwarfking_ APPROVED (only   Tue Aug 28, 2007 8:22 pm

- KoC name
- KoC stat link
I helped in creating this alliance :P
- How you found out about TFK
Thanh and Myself always wanted to start an alliance
- A little background on you as a player.
I was playing age 5 on and off, then i played most of age 6 where I met Roha and TDK, and then stayed with them in Age 7 in TUE, and now starting this alliance for the real Age 8.

Age 7 stats:
Strike Action 547,102,315 Ranked #2,179
Defensive Action 1,270,150,665 Ranked #535
Spy Rating 212,311,040 Ranked #2,907
Sentry Rating 252,267,520 Ranked #2,042

A true Dwarf ^^

Age 8 Beta: I am rank 102 on beta, Highest rank was 61, before i went on holiday. I sold my defense into spy because TUE was going to war and they would have been destroyed (my defense, not TUE)

Simply... yeah
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Application for Dwarfking_ APPROVED (only
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